Zoey – Little Dog…. Huge Hero!

Zoey - Hero DogZoey is a five pound long haired Chihuahua, which might seem tiny by dog standards, but Zoey is a true giant among canines. This story begins one beautiful, sunny July afternoon in Masonville, Colorado. Booker West, a heart stealing one year old boy, was over visiting his grandparents, who took advantage of the good weather to make sure that Booker got some fresh air and exercise. Booker loved water, and soon had crawled over to the backyard’s bird bath, and began happily splashing and giggling. Also outside, was Zoey.

Booker’s grandparents, Monty and Denise Long, had always had animals in their lives, so when their little Chihuahua passed away, their son gave them another one, which they named Zoey. Little did they know then, how incredible the tiny ten month old, five pound, long-haired Chihuahua would turn out to be.

As he was doing some yard work, Monty (the grandfather) was surprised when little Zoey suddenly bolted from his side toward Booker, then let out a yelp. Monty ran over to investigate, and quickly realized that Zoey had gotten in between the toddler and a diamondback rattlesnake. Apparently, as Booker had been playing, the snake had slithered closer and closer, before coiling and trying to strike the child. But, Zoey leaped into the way, intercepting the first strike, and because he refused to move, other bites on his forehead.

They quickly rushed Zoey to the veterinarian, which was about forty five minutes away. No one believed Zoey would make it, because her head had swollen to the size of a grapefruit. The doctor administered the antivenom, and then they all waited. It took four days for Zoey to be downgraded from critical condition, and today she is back to her active, loving and playful self, acting as if nothing had ever happened.

“She got in between Booker and the snake, and that’s when I heard her yipe,” Monty Long, the boy’s grandfather, said. “These little bitty dogs, they just don’t really get the credit they deserve,” Booker’s grandma, Denise Long, told the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald. Mr. and Mrs. Long were delighted to receive the Shining World Hero Award on behalf of Zoey. In addition to the beautiful crystal plaque, were two lovely jackets with “Hero Zoey” imprinted on the back, a cozy dog bed which fit her size just right, vegetarian dog food and treats, as well as some of Master’s recent books and DVDs for Zoey’s caregivers. Mr. and Mrs. Long were very happy that Zoey received all the recognition, and collected pictures, articles and memorabilia, to one day give to Booker, to always remember Zoey’s story… the itty bitty Chihuahua with a huge heart, that saved his life!

Zoey Little Dog Hero

Image Courtesy of www.award.godsdirectcontact.net

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