Yeti Are Proven To Exist Kemorovo, Russia, Also Known As Kuzbass

Kemorovo, Russia, also known as Kuzbass by the locals, is a region that rarely makes international front page news. Yet, strange lights in the sky, mysterious creatures, and unexplained phenomena rival coal as the primary export from the region. Now, a Siberian expedition is claiming that not only does the long lost legendary creature of the snowy wasteland, Yeti, exist, they have absolute proof of it.

The expedition claims the evidence proves that not only does Yeti exist, it lives in the area of Siberian tundra known for its mysterious appearances and phenomena. The team says proof is now mere days away from international analysis. The claim isn’t just another single expert claiming evidence of something incredible, the findings were showcased at a Russian news conference in Kemerovo, known for its rich coal deposits.

When an expedition was launched to ‘the cave’, teams unearthed a considerable amount of Yeti evidence, including some so convincing that the governor spoke on the subject. Researchers from all over the world have been invited to the area to examine footprints, hair samples, and simple objects thought to be tools of the legendary ape-like creature, also known as the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot and Yeti.

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