Education System Is A Complete Failure

Wills ThoughtsWill’s Thoughts – The Current Education System Is A Complete Failure

It is my humble opinion, that one of the greatest wastes of time, money and manpower in all of modern history, is the current education system. It is a gluttonous, insatiable pig, that needlessly consumes massive amounts of public resources to attempt to establish its own concept of a ‘social norm’, and, it has failed miserably. After more than two hundred years, all it has ever accomplished was producing worker bees to keep the financial honey flowing into the buckets of big business and governments. Education was once only a social privilege, which unfortunately, was often abused. So, education used the guise of ‘equality’ to try to establish a level playing field, and before long, managed to make itself mandatory. Not surprisingly, as with most hair-brained, do-gooder actions throughout history, its objective was not achieved. Instead, it created useless mammoth institutions that are now enormous tax burdens to society, a society that desperately needs those funds allocated to maintain critical public infrastructures. Education has also inflicted extreme social distress on many, many generations, subjecting children to years of needless humiliation, bullying and even sexual abuse.

Millions of students today are being ‘freighted’ through educational systems, arriving illiterate in grade one, and then twelve years later, get shipped out, still virtually illiterate, making high school diplomas worth only as much as the paper they’re printed on. The result of ‘education’ is that, today, people are being excluded for jobs, simply because they have too little, or too much, education, yet nothing’s being done to stop the devastation that this blatant discrimination has on people’s lives. People, who may have been excellent employees if only given a chance, are being cast aside like social trash. And, for no other reason, than for lacking a virtually worthless piece of paper, that a group of short-sighted, socially impudent academic idiots fabricated, and now force people to possess in order to have ‘worth’. Education today is merely a moronic twelve year memory exercise, that requires people to absorb, and retain, huge amounts of outdated and incorrect information, that they’ll likely never use, regardless of whether they wanted to learn it, or not.

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Given the devastating state of the economy, and the ‘real’ state of national unemployment rates, now would be an excellent time to revamp the entire educational system, to make it much more accountable to taxpayers, socially current, and relevant. We need to learn from education’s many mistakes and failures, and correct the terrible social prejudices and injustices that it has produced. All people have worth, but education is a bullying beast that does not agree. It has worked tirelessly to insure that, unless you bear ‘the mark of the beast’, you cannot get a job, be elected, etcetera. Isn’t it ironic that we have uneducated six year old kids today, who play with technology so advanced, that once it could only be operated by academics? And who, by the age of eighteen, will have hand-eye coordination superior to that of any jet fighter pilot’s, yet, they’ll still be considered socially worthless and stupid if they simply don’t know, or even care, what a synonym is?

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