If Dogs Could Speak – Value Of A Dog

By Ron Murdock

If dogs could speak, what would they tell us?

Probably something to the effect of “We love you so much, and we’re so willing to serve you, yet we get so little in return.” Imagine becoming the person your dog thinks you are.

An expression that has lot of truth to it, is that a dog is a person’s best friend. A dog’s unconditional loyalty is enough to brighten any day, plus the love and trust in a dog’s eyes makes life worth living.

I’m a firm believer that a dog is an excellent judge of character. I always let the dog pick me to be friends with. One dog I live with, Princess, was one whose reaction to anyone I brought over I could take to the bank, or, as gospel truth. Like many dogs, Princess was very direct and to the point on how she approached a person or a given situation. Plus, dogs seem to have a unique ability to keep things in perspective.

I swear all dogs know two words, ‘walk’ and ‘outside’. Dogs are great for living in the moment, whether it be playing something, sniffing around or getting petted.

My all time favourite thing in life has always been puppies, one of the few innocent things in life. Puppies are so willing to get involved with as much activity as possible in the shortest time period. It’s like if the world is their own playground waiting to be investigated.

Dogs have proved their worth to humans many times over the centuries. It all started when they became our hunting companions, a practice that still continues to this day. Today, dogs serve us in many other capacities, such as guides for the blind, deaf and those prone to seizures. They are also excellent companions to people in nursing homes. So if dogs could speak, perhaps they could help us to realise that the value of a dog is priceless.

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