Old School Meets New School | The USB Typewriter

USB Typewriter

The USB Typewriter

For all you older people that are afraid of computers, we have found a great gadget to make you feel less intimidated.

The USB Typewriter looks and feels just like a manual typewriter, and can be used with a PC, Mac and even an iPad (you’ll need a connector to use it with an iPad though). But, what really makes this device awesome, is that you can use it as your main computer keyboard, and also use it just like an old fashion typewriter, while electronically recording your keystrokes!

The USB Typewriter will set you back about $800. But, for you do it yourself types, they also offer typewriter conversion kits, just in case you happen to have an old kerplunker laying around. Those kits cost about $75.00.

Check it out at www.usbtypewriter.com

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