Up In Smoke

First thing to say is that I’m a life long non-smoker. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke as I find it the foulest stench imaginable. I grew up in a family of smokers. The smell of stale cigarette smoke in my parents and grandmothers house cured me of wanting to smoke forever. Especially where I live or when I’m eating.

Thankfully my parents quit smoking years ago. Obviously it would be better if no one smoked but when Big Nanny bureaucrats want to make choices for all concerned I think a stop to it has to be put into effect. I do find the calloused attitude of tobacco companies putting mega profits ahead of people’s health in incredible bad taste. I wonder if Big Tobaccos financial contributions or community involvement is a way of glossing over or ignoring a guilty conscience.

Cigarette SmokeOn the other hand I don’t like the uppity sermons of anti-tobacco crusaders. I would be more willing to support their side if they would just tone down their mantras. It sounds like as if they think they are so pure they can decide what is good for the rest of us. When did anyone get that good? It would be interesting to see how they are running their own life. But then they got so busy getting their fingers into everything they don’t have time to take stock of themselves.

“Tobacco Reduced Strategy” is a politically correct slogan that sounds so preachy and instrusive. I’d rather be myself, plugging onwards and getting dirty in the trenches. I’m a big boy now and can take care of myself thank you very much. It’s good to listen to various bits of information but I don’t want to be manipulated by some tribunal with an agenda. People need to make their own decisions and not to have someone else do it for them. There is no need to micromanage every aspect of life. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own life.

Just how far the anti-smoking gang will go to enforce no smoking by-laws remains to be seen. Will they install security cameras in ever car, house and public area? Will they have paid snitches keeping an eye on us? Talk about living in a Big Brother enviroment with the Thought Police around every corner. Do we really need it?

By Ron Murdock

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