The Truth About B.S.

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much B.S.” – Harry Frankfurt, author of B—S—.”


We’re living in an age where those in a position of trust or power speak what they want to be true. Then they expect others to go along for the ride, without stopping enough to question where the information is coming from or doing to them. We’re expected to believe the pablum that’s placed in front of us, whether it’s by print form or by verbal means. With the daily busyness most of us are involved with, we don’t take the time or effort to decipher between what the truth is, or the B.S. involved. Therefore, an Orwellian expression, ‘lies becomes the truth’, becomes commonplace. I don’t think this is a new trend, as it probably goes back as far as recorded history goes and will continue well into the future.

With technology the way it is, the B.S. can travel worldwide in a matter of seconds. Why we as a species put up with all the B.S. is beyond me. Even telling others what they want to hear, or a little white lie, is B.S., as it erodes trust between people. It’s amazing what humans try, and do get away with. More often these days we need to call the B.S. for what it is. I hate to think how much social bonding and B.S. go hand in hand, thriving on low expectations. Then some wonder why the number of cynics rises daily.

We all B.S. to a point, but the largest amount comes out of the advertising field. It tells us who we should be, what we need to be, who we should trust and what we need to believe. The political and religious worlds aren’t far behind here. It’s a never ending treadmill. No matter where on the economic or social ladder we are, we are all capable of being so full of B.S. to the point that the whites of our eyes have gone brown. Just how much B.S. has smothered our world must be incredible.

There are three ways of getting rid of all the B.S. One is to use the proverbial shovel, the second is to get a bobcat and the third is to employ a front end loader. It all depends on the amount of B.S. one is dealing with.

Don’t think of me as a do-gooder, just as a whistle blower that wants to call the B.S. as I see it. I refuse to do anyone’s thinking for them, they’re responsible for that. I trust to develop my ability to reason and make rational decisions. I don’t trust anyone who claims to have a direct line to some God of the day they’ve probably created as they go along. I’d say there’s an ego problem involved, or some serious delusional thinking.

When will we begin to speak the truth and learn how to think? How much longer can we disregard the truth?

By Ron Murdock

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