True Or False? A Winning Lotto Max 30 Million Dollar Ticket Was Voided

True or False - Lotto Max

True or False?

It was a classic case of someone outsmarting themselves. The true life Lotto Max drama took place in the beautiful city of St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Friday, May 21st, 2010. Someone, yet to identify herself, came into the Corner Store in Goulds, a community in St. John’s, to purchase a lottery ticket for that night’s Lotto Max drawing.

By accident, the cashier printed off a $27 ticket instead of the $12 ticket that the customer had ordered. The customer refused to buy the $27 ticket, so it was voided, and one for $12 was issued to replace it. However, the voided ticket bore all seven winning numbers that would have won the $30 million prize for its holder for that draw. It would have, but it didn’t, because the buyer voided the lucky ticket, to save $15.00.

Around seven days later, an official from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation came to the store to go through all the store’s voided tickets. Together, he and the store’s owner, located the $27 ticket bearing the winning 14-16-30-35-36-45-49 combination, drawn on May 21st.

Not only was the mystery lotto player out $30 million, but the store missed out on its own jackpot as well! When vendors sell a winning Lotto Max ticket, they get a one percent commission of the winning draw, which in this instance, would have been $300,000.

True Or False? A Winning Lotto Max 30 Million Dollar Ticket Was Voided.

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