True or False? A Biker Was Given A Ticket As An Engagement Gift By A Cop

True or False - Bikers

In January of 2013, Southern California police gave a ticket as an engagement gift when 200 to 250 motorcyclists blocked traffic on a highway. As traffic came to a standstill, a biker performed a “burn out” for several seconds, then proposed to his passenger as cheered on by fellow bikers. Not to be known as ‘party-poopers’, as their way of participating in the thrill of the engagement party, police later arrested four of the men.

California Highway Patrol stated that Hector Martinez (the fiance), 24, Mike John David Gutierrez, 38, Giovanni Mendez, 19 and Rudy Cadena, 24, were arrested Thursday. The arrests were connected to the biker engagement which occurred on the number 10 freeway in West Covina, California. The police report said several of the motorcyclists on scene applauded, videotaped and photographed the incident, then posted them on YouTube.(

After a thorough investigation, and getting really ticked off by the bikers’ arrogance, four individuals involved in the incident were identified, arrested and charged with misdemeanor public nuisance and unlawful assembly. Martinez, the biker who was given a ticket as an engagement gift, was also charged with exhibition of speed.

True or False? A Biker Was Given A Ticket As An Engagement Gift By A Cop.

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