True or False? You Cannot Get Out Of Quicksand

True or false?

We have all watched movies where some poor guy falls into quicksand, and he’s soon sucked under the swirling surface, never to be seen again. However, unlike ‘in the movies’, in real life quicksand won’t suck people under, and it’s possible to get out of, even by yourself!

Our bodies have a density of about 62.4 pounds per cubic foot, so we are able to float on water. Quicksand has a density of about 125 pounds per cubic foot, which means we will float more easily on quicksand, than on water. Your body’s less dense than quicksand, so if you’ll just relax your body, you will float. However, if you panic and begin to struggle, it will cause the separation of the sediment and water, and you will sink.

If you stay calm, and completely still, the lowest that you are likely to sink into it, is to about your waste. If you do find yourself in quicksand, the biggest thing to remember, is to do everything in slow motion. The slower the better! Slowly lean back, putting more of your upper body in the quicksand. This might seem pretty scary to do, but you’ll actually float significantly better in quicksand than in water, so you won’t sink, as long as you don’t make sudden movements.

True or False - Quicksand

As you are leaning back, gently bring your legs upward. Once you’re floating on the quicksand, just as if you were on water, slowly use your hands to “paddle” your way over to the edge. It may take several hours to do. Remember, go as slowly as you can. You have all the time in the world, unless you’re close to the sea, and there’s the chance of a tide coming in. In that case, time may certainly turn into a very serious issue!

True or False? You cannot get out of quicksand.

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