True or False? Drinking cold water congeals greases in our body.

True or False?

grease in our bodyThere is a myth shared on social media that if you drink cold water with your meals, it will cause the grease contained in the foods you eat to congeal into a solid mass of fat in your body. That would cause severe health problems. But, the myth is simply that, a myth. This story is false.

According to Lucia John, PhD, our normal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. “If we raise that temperature a few degrees, the body starts to show signs of distress, and we say that we have a fever. But, the warm blood becomes thick and sticky when we drink cold water or juice, or any ice-cold fluids, like beer.

The thickened blood may be unable to flow properly to the extremities of the body, so the hands and feet begin to feel numb and ache, toes begin to hurt,toenails lose their shine and may begin to decay. The heart labors harder to pump the blood throughout the body, and the lungs fight to keep up. The legs may swell and become dark, when blood cannot be efficiently pumped back up to the heart.”

But, after scouring the internet, and every available online medical database for articles confirming, or even suggesting that drinking cold water with meals is harmful, we couldn’t find a single one. So, we conclude that while there may be logic to the myth, there is simply no scientific basis for the claim that cold water will ‘solidify fats and grease’ you have consumed in your body, or that the resulting ‘sludge’ will line intestines, turn into fats, or lead to cancer.

True or False? Drinking cold water congeals greases in our body.

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