I’m Confused About Global Warming

By Mel McConaghy

Mel McConaghyOver the past fifteen or twenty years, everyone has been worrying about global warming.

Now, it’s been in the back of my mind as well, every since a teacher in grade five started teaching us about the ice age, and what the world was like before it started warming up.
One thing I learned in school, and from my seventy five years living on the planet, is that this world has been changing every since, and this process has taken untold thousands of years. So, why did the human race only start trying to stop what appears to be a natural phenomenon a couple of decades ago?

I know we have not treated our old world as well as we should have. We have expelled untold amounts of garbage into our atmosphere, and on numerous occasions, tried to blow it up with nuclear weapons. Someone once said, much to my amusement, that global warming is because we have punched holes in the atmosphere with rockets, letting the atmosphere escape into space. It is my opinion that we have been treating our world so badly, that if it were a dog, it would have left home years ago. And yet, even though all of our polluting has been going on for centuries, only in the last couple of decades are people attempting to save the planet, or think they’re going to save it, from whatever cataclysmic event happens, whether man made or natural, that will someday bring the Earth to its demise.

One fact that eludes me, is that at no time since the end of the Ice Age, has anyone of any authority pointed out a time when the world’s weather has stabilized to a point when they can categorically say, “This is it! From now on, if it gets warmer, we’re going into global warming, but if it gets colder, we’re going into another ice age.” I cannot find a time in history when there has not been icebergs in the North Atlantic. Oh, there have been years when there were fewer, or more of them, but the icebergs have always been there.

There are experts who give their theories about the climate and the weather (nightly on the news) known as global warming, but they are just educated guesses, and are often wrong. We know from experience that it’s going to rain in Vancouver, and we’re going to get winter in Prince George. Reading this, you might wonder why an old truck driver’s writing about something that seems to be so far over his head. Well, I don’t think it’s over my head. I think it is just common sense, and I’m sure there is a lot of people who might agree with me. The reason I am writing about it, is that we have had three or four radical changes in the weather this winter. They left me confused and trying to figure out if we are being vaulted into an ice age, or if we are plummeting toward global warming.

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