Barb And Mel’s Wondrous Adventure – Conclusion

By Mel McConaghy

Mel McConaghyTo conclude our adventure, the ship finally set sail, and once at sea, the old Pacific Ocean was a little rough.

The ship got a little roll to it as it plowed into the long Pacific swells off the coast of Oregon. I, being an old sailor who loves adventure, headed for the upper deck to get some salt sea spray in my face, but they had it blocked off.

When asked, I was informed they were afraid someone might accidentally fall over the five foot high guardrail and into the ocean. A matter of security, so they said. There were a few consolations though. The best was that I got to spend a lot of time walking the decks, giggling to myself, watching all the passengers who were sea sick. This actually surprised me, because the ship was not reacting to the sea that badly. Oddly, none of the cafés or cafeterias seemed to be crowded.

When we arrived in Victoria, we were met by some old friends from our Navy days. They took us all the way to pick up our grandson, who worked in Victoria, and then drove us all around town to see the sights. It was a great adventure with no stress. Afterward, we headed back to the cruise ship. I decided to do the packing, because Barbara was ‘too methodical, and took forever’. However, when she’d told me what she wanted left out for our arrival in Vancouver the next morning, I must have been in my selective hearing mode, because the next morning revealed that I had packed her sweater, the one she was going to wear, and it was now, ‘only God knows where’, with the rest of the luggage. I swear you could have cut the stress and emotional tension that suddenly enveloped our cabin with a knife.

Fortunately for her, I had forgotten to pack my extra jacket. She reluctantly wore it. I told her it looked cute on her, and was quickly informed that a woman never wanted to be caught wearing a bright red jacket over a pink blouse, especially if she was a petite, and the jacket was a large. So started the day`s adventure. Our travel agent had set it up so that when we departed the ship, we’d catch a shuttle bus from the ship to the airport, then another one to the hotel to pick up our car. Nice plan, but not how it turned out. It seems that the cruise line must have lost all their little paddle signs, because when we cleared customs, there was total confusion. By the time things got sorted out, and we finally made it back to our car, it was already noon. We had originally planned to stop in Coquitlam, to have coffee with Barb’s sister on our way out of town, but being an old truck driver, once I hit the freeway heading in the direction of home, there was simply no detouring me. Barb and Mel’s wondrous adventure had come to an end, and we headed home.

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