Top Ten Signs Your Computer Keyboard Needs To Be Cleaned

dirty keyboard

10. You can turn the keyboard over and feed your miniature poodle for a week.
9. You filled up a brand new vacuum bag… and it’s still dirty.
8. You can no longer tell the difference between the NumLock light and the bioluminescent fungus.
7. Ants have taken the “W”, “Q”, and “Esc” keys.
6. There’s so much dirt under the keys, some of them can no longer be depressed.
5. You call tech support, but can’t tell them what kind of keyboard you’re using.
4. You could hang it from the ceiling and use it as a fly trap.
3. People ask for gloves before using it.
2. When your cat walks on it, it can’t decide if it’s a treat, or a litter box.
1. Everyone compliments you on your cool “Chia Keyboard”.

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