It Took A Woman To Take Osama Bin Laden Down

We’ve seen the images of politicians watching the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout

We’ve heard all about the bravery of the US Navy Seals who terminated his reign of terror.

But, the real hero responsible for taking Osama bin Laden down, was an analyst for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) named Rebecca (a pseudonym). She wrote the memo laying out a new strategy to hunt for bin Laden.

Given a void of any new leads, she asked herself how she could realistically find him. She drafted what she called the ‘four pillars’, on which the search had to be built. Her solution was prophetic. Peter L. Bergen wrote in his new book, “Manhunt”, that “her first pillar was locating al-Qaeda’s leader through his courier network. The second pillar was locating him through family members, either those who might be with him, or anyone in his family who might try to get in touch with them. The third pillar was monitoring communications, and the final pillar, was tracking bin Laden’s occasional need to feed the media.”

It was Rebecca’s decision that re-focused the investigation, and ultimately brought down the most hated man on Earth. Osama bin Laden was beaten by a woman. What’s that old saying about a woman’s wrath?

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