The Wisdom Of Stones, by Brian W. Flynn | Book Review

The Wisdom Of Stones

The Wisdom Of Stones, by Brian W. Flynn

The expression ‘as dumb as a rock’ is insulting to certain elements of the planet that we live on, and know so little about. So, to many the ‘wisdom of stones’ may seem like an oxymoron, but, many cultures throughout history have spoken highly of the ‘spirit’ of stones, have held them in places of honor and regarded them with great reverence. I personally believe that there is much about this earth that we really have no clue about, and stones have always seemed to call to me. So, when The Press House offered me the opportunity to do a review of a book called, ‘The Wisdom Of Stones’, by Brian W. Flynn, I jumped at the opportunity.

My honest first impression of The Wisdom Of Stones was before I even opened the parcel, and was based entirely on a lifetime of capitalist programming. Expecting a large volume, I was disappointed by the book’s small size – until I opened it. Immediately I was blown away by the sentiment and visual impact. Brian has found a way to photograhically immerse the reader while using select verse to calm hearts. Zen, which emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment, absolutely drips from this book, as if its pages were over-saturated with the philosophies of the ages. Visually, The Wisdom Of Stones borders on irony, as the beauty of the photography excites the senses, while at the same time causing a tsunamic slide into serenity and nostalgia.

I found The Wisdom Of Stones, by Brian W. Flynn, published proof that wonderful things come in small packages, and that great thoughts are often best conveyed simply. Brian dedicates the book to the fine folks of Campobella Island, New Brunswick, Canada, where the photos are from. Talking to us, as if the stones themselves are speaking, Flynn has given a voice to the voiceless, and in the process, has revealed the need that we have to see the beauty that we blindly tread over in our human self-absorbtion. One thing is for certain, once you’ve journeyed through the pages of The Wisdom Of Stones, published by Sea Hill Press, Inc., you will never see the stones that you encounter in your life the same again.

About The Author:

Multiple award-winning photographer and psychologist, Brian Flynn, is the former Rear Admiral/Assistant Surgeon General in the U.S. Public Health Service. His professional career has been spent dealing with the individual, and collective psychological impacts of large-scale events, such as disasters and terrorism. For the past thirty years, he has gone on-site immediately following most of the nation’s most tragic events. He is currently an Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, at USUHS. He and his wife live near Annapolis, Maryland, and on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

Bookworm Rating:

4.5 Bookworms

Book Review By: W. Lewis, Publisher at The Northern Star

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