The Health Care Crisis In Canada

Wills ThoughtsWill’s Thoughts – The Health Care Crisis In Canada

My son asked me why health care in Canada is in crisis. I told him, “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.” I explained that when universal health care began in Canada, it was looked after entirely at the federal level. Ottawa gave the money directly to doctors, hospitals and health care centers. Unfortunately, Ottawa’s full of politicians highly versed in the ancient arts of patronization, so they viewed this new health care opportunity in three ways; 1) If it works, how do I get credit? 2) If it doesn’t work, how do I avoid blame? and 3) How can I use it to increase my popularity? Well, danged if they didn’t find ways to accomplish all three. The rulers then said, “So let it be written, so let it be done,” and saw that it was good.

Claiming that the funds needed to be ‘administered’ at a more local level, provincial and territorial ministries of health were then established. Health care dollars became divided, with part of the funds now diverted to federal, provincial and territorial bureaucrats and support staff. Now, if things went wrong, the federal government could take credit for all the good stories, and had provincial and territorial scapegoats to take the blame for any bad ones. The new ministries created thousands of fat-cat good paying jobs across the country that employed politician’s friends and families. The rulers then said, “So let it be written, so let it be done,” and saw that it was good.

Soon it became clear that way too much money was being diverted from patient care to political care, so the feds demanded the provinces begin to contribute to the rising costs. The provincial and territorial politicians raised taxes and fees, cut services, and because they were getting tired of having their butts thrown under the media bus, they established health ‘authorities’ to employ all their friends and families, and to be their scapegoats for everything that went wrong. Health care dollars were then divided even further, with shares now going to federal bureaucrats, provincial and territorial bureaucrats and now several thousand new useless local bureaucrats in every province and territory. The rulers then said, “So let it be written, so let it be done,” and saw that it was good.

As more layers of highly paid, politically manufactured, paper shuffling bureaucrats suck the life blood from the Canadian health care system, the waiting lines for surgeries and treatments increase, as does needless patient suffering and death. Instead of rewarding our doctors, nurses, technicians, and all the other wonderful support staff, with pay raises and public recognition for the outstanding jobs that they do, they roll back their wages, reduce their benefits and increase public fees. Instead of upgrading hospitals and clinics, they furnish posh offices for the ever increasing ranks of bureaucrats. The reality is that the only health care funding crisis in Canada, is a tsunami of tax-sucking bureaucratic leeches that boils down to; Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.

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