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money compassBook Review of The Money Compass – Where Your Money Went And How To Get It Back

Nations stand on the verge of economic collapse, individuals lead champagne lives on beer budgets, and the middle class of America implodes as production drops and consumerism grows. Like a massive ship rudderless and adrift helplessly, the world economy is being driven by out of control currents toward perilous reefs. With thousands of so-called financial experts a dime a dozen, each clamoring to be acclaimed the financial messiah, where does one turn to for help? Professional assistance is a solution for some, but for most, the costs are prohibitive.

Without professional guidance, their savings plans are very likely to be more like gambling than sound financial planning. But, what if I told you about a way that you can turn $50.00 into any amount you wanted? A way that is not hypothetical non-sense, fiscal forecasting, or chasing the proverbial ‘pie in the sky’? Well, I could, I can and I will. The secret is actually not a secret, it’s an amazing compilation of wisdom by men who ‘put their money where their mouth was’, and became wealthy by doing so.

‘The Money Compass – Where Your Money Went And How To Get It Back’, is a book by Mark A. Grimaldi and G. Stevenson Smith, and it is exactly what the name implies, a simple mechanism to guide you to your financial destination. Grimaldi and Smith are financial ninjas and master mariners of the markets, who know the only way to defeat an enemy, is to know the enemy. The Money Compass explains how the current economic whirlpool got started, it details the attempts to try and stop it, then sets forth a very solid plan to get you where you want to go, through some very tricky terrain.

But, these financial wordsmiths articulate more than dry statistics. They dive right into the nuts and bolts that have flown loose from ‘the machine’, putting the finger on idiocy disguised as intelligence, nonsense stated as necessary, and carelessness hiding under conservative clothing. The Money Compass does not promote financial anarchy or slavery. It advises financial democracy and encourages economic independence as it casts back the curtain to reveal the real Wizard of Odds.

The Money Compass is more than a rudder to keep your financial plans on course through troubled seas, it’s also a fiscal sextant to help you chart the monetary movements necessary to get you where you want to go. By explaining the cause and effect of volatile and unstable markets, this book acts like a map through financial mine fields, that when used properly, will prevent your dreams from being blown away.

The Money Compass – Where Your Money Went And How To Get It Back, by Mark A. Grimaldi and G. Stevenson Smith, published by John Wiley & Sons, is one of the best investments you’ll ever make, and is guaranteed to pay huge dividends for decades to come.

Bookworm Rating:
4.5 Bookworms

Book Review By: W. Lewis, Publisher at The Northern Star

About the authors:
Mark A. Grimaldi is a Certified Fund Specialist, co-founder of GPS Money Management, Inc., and Chief Economist for the GPS family of newsletters. In 2009, he launched The Sector Rotation Fund (NAVFX), a pure no-load mutual fund. Mark serves as Vice President of The Prestige Organization, Inc. Mark correctly forecasted the housing depression, the gold rush, 10% national unemployment and in January 2010 said “In 2010 the DJIA will have it’s first 1000 point down day ever!”

G. Stevenson Smith, PhD, CPA, CMA, is the John Massey Endowed Professor of Accounting at the John Massey School of Business at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He formerly worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C., as a financial analyst. Dr. Smith is the author of three books on nonprofit financial management, including Cost Control for Nonprofits in Crisis.

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