War On Drugs And Thugs Is A Limp Wristed Action

Wills ThoughtsWill’s Thoughts – War On Drugs And Thugs Is A Limp Wristed Action

In my opinion, Canada either needs to declare ‘war’ on illegal drugs, or give them to users as legal prescriptions. For decades we’ve heard about what is called a war on drugs, but really, all it has been is a limp wristed ‘military action’ on minor thugs. Just to clarify things right from the start, I do NOT classify marijuana as a ‘drug’. Only manufactured substances, like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, etc., are drugs. Pot only makes people giggle and hungry. Illegal drugs turn them into anti-social animals, tethered to addiction and crime. The pursuit, arrest and prosecution of pot smokers is a monumental waste of taxpayer’s money and law enforcement manpower.

Real war does not use lawyers or judges. It does not surpass or supersede law. It is the law. Can you imagine how the second World War would have turned out if it had been fought like today’s war on drugs is being fought? Our system houses and feeds killers and social terrorists for a few years, then releases them back on the street to prey on us once again. What do decades of unsuccessful efforts to fight the illegal drug trade tell you? What does the flushing of billions and billions of dollars down the toilet scream to your soul? How do you feel when you hear a crack dealer was busted, but was back on the street the next day? Wake up Canada! We spend far more every year on our justice system than we do on our military!

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War is ugly, but for a reason. It rids the earth of human scum. If we’re going to pay for a war on drugs, then make it a real war, as declared by parliament. Deploy our troops, not on foreign soil, but on our own. Give them explicit instructions; if a person is involved in, or associated with, the production or distribution of illegal drugs, destroy their property and kill them. No rules of engagement, no arrests, no trials. Keep the rules simple; If you are the enemy, you die. Decades of using the ‘law’ to deal with drug lords hasn’t decreased their numbers, it’s increased them! The only deterrent that they heed is survival. When facing death, instead of years of tax funded penal amenities, their attitudes change REAL quick.

How attractive will the illegal drug trade be when people realize that being involved in it is a guaranteed death sentence? How many landlords will rent to them knowing that the house or apartment building WILL be leveled and no insurance paid? Stop doing stupid crap like putting in ‘smart’ meters. Seriously! Does anyone honestly believe for a second that they’ll identify a coke dealer, meth lab or crack shack? Smart meters are a deliberate attack on privacy, and stupidly, can only identify minor pot growers.

To wage a war on illegal drugs, we need soldiers, not constables. We need bullets, not words. Either give substance abusers and addicts the drugs legally, or deploy the world’s best soldiers, the biggest and baddest arm of the law, our Canadian Armed Forces, and give them the tools they need to fight and win the war on illegal drugs, ending a colossal waste of public resources.

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