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The Dangerous Book for Men

The Dangerous Book for Men By: Rod Green

Recently, sent us the book ‘The Dangerous Book for Men’ to review, written by Rod Green and illustrated by Andrew Pinder. Within moments I found myself absorbed in it. The Dangerous Book for Men: How to Triumph over Pitfalls and Perils, outlines over fifty different survival techniques to add to your man-skill set, and does it with a delightful dose of humor.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to impress other guys, and wow the ladies, with your amazing knowledge of how to escape from a raging bear, set a broken limb, survive if your parachute doesn’t open and build a blazing campfire in the middle of a downpour. Though the book implies that it is intended for a male audience, people of all ages and sexes can vastly improve the probability of their survival by reading it.

Just a generation or two ago, most men and women had far more skills than people of today. They could build a cabin, plant a field, make weapons and knew how to deal with unwanted pests and guests. Men and women today are way better at texting than shooting a rifle, and most of them don’t have a clue of what to do in a real emergency, as the daily need to use survival skills continues to shrink.

Sure, you might be able to find the information on your smartphone when you need it, if you can get an attacking grizzly to be patient for a few seconds, or you can read The Dangerous Book for Men before you find yourself in a life threatenting situation, and immediately know what to do. This easy to read action how-to manual deals not only with local critters and perils, its advice is international, from forests to oceans and deserts, it encompasses life threatening situations in the air, on land and in the water.

The Dangerous Book for Men: How to Triumph over Pitfalls and Perils is the perfect gift for people ‘who have it all’, and for anyone who enjoys venturing into the great outdoors. The Dangerous Book for Men is recommended for anyone about to travel outside of city limits. All in all, I found it a great read, with sound, common sense solutions to extremely dangerous and life threatening problems.

Bookworm Rating:

Bookworms - 4


Book Review By: W. Lewis, Publisher at  The Northern Star

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