True or False? Student Wins Free Thunderbird Just For Reading

true or false thunderbird

True or False?

In 2001, a third-year medical student at Yale University, Jeffrey Seiden, was studying his electrocardiography textbook one day, when he happened to notice the following message in the book’s copyright notice: “Congratulations for your perseverance! You may win the car on page forty six by writing down your name and address, and submitting it to the publisher.”

It seems that the book’s author, Dr. Dale Dubin, had inserted the note into the 50th printing of his textbook, “Rapid Interpretation of EKGs”, and had put his classic Thunderbird convertible up for grabs. Of the 60,000 students who bought the book containing the offer, only five spotted the hidden message and contacted the publisher. Those five names were then placed into a hat, and Jeffrey’s was drawn. Dubin’s classic 1965 Thunderbird convertible was delivered to Yale by his daughter.

Though Yale officials were only made aware of the contest at the last minute, they still allowed the award to be presented on campus, and even helped Dubin to attract publicity. However, Yale has since done what it can to distance itself from the affair, after revelations about Dubin’s past.

It seems that Dr. Dubin is an ex-convict, who had his medical license revoked after a 1986 arrest and conviction for federal drug and child pornography charges in Florida. Dubin was sentenced to five years in a federal prison, but was released in 1989, after having served only three and half years of the sentence.

True or False? Student wins a free Thunderbird just for reading

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