Top 10 Contributions Stephen Harper Has Made To Canadian Politics

By Clifford T. Hofferd

10. Stephen Harper has been a bland and unexciting Prime Minister.

9. He uses the Canadian Senate to do his partisan bidding.

8. Stephen Harper put gag orders on all of his MPs and bureaucrats.

7. He is selling off our non-renewable natural resources so they can be refined elsewhere.

6. Stephen Harper runs taxpayer funded advertising year round against his opponents.

5. He turned a Canadian surplus budget into a Canadian debt.

4. He  is using billions of taxpayer dollars to make unnecessary purchases, like new fighter jets,

3. Stephen Harper sabotages any action against climate change.

2.  Harper is changing the name of The Canadian Government, to ‘The Harper Government’.

Contribution #1. Stephen Harper has taught the public about the word ‘Prorogue’ by proroguing parliament in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Clifford Taylor Hofferd is a University Graduate living in Prince George. You can read his blog at

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