Society Continues To Pay For Those Who Leech

Wills ThoughtsWill’s Thoughts – How Society Continues To Pay For Those Who Leech

I guess someone has to come out and say it, so I will. In our rush to help all of our down and out, funding for those who truly need it is disappearing at an alarming rate of speed. Millions and millions of dollars of funding for our seniors, and people physically and developmentally challenged, is being diverted away from their needs to pay for treatment centers that are popping up like fall fungi. The controversial centers are also causing friendships to dissolve, neighborhoods to roar in outrage and political careers to collapse. Dwindling tax dollars are now being sadly split between those who simply cannot help themselves, and a massive number of self-pitying, tax-sucking leeches trying to set a Guinness world record for the world’s slowest suicide.

While do-gooders preach and neighbors beseech, society continues to pay for those who leech. Huge portions of funding, previously allocated for seniors and the physically/developmentally disabled, is now being diverted to people who stuck their thumbs in their mouths, curled into fetal positions and decided that their problems justified misbehaviors and substance abuse. Oh, boo hoo! Poor whittle babies. Not for one second do they care about anyone else. Do these self-obsessed addicts and alcoholics need help? Of course they do! But, do they need it more than someone with profound Down’s Syndrome? Not bloody likely! Unfortunately, due to economic realities, the choice is now either to fund programs for seniors and the physically/developmentally disabled, or programs for people who choose to abuse drugs and alcohol. Who do you think should be the priority?

Cocaine Kills

Social assistance, in all its forms, is always a touchy subject. At its best, it helps people to transition from desperation, to responsible taxpaying citizens. At its worst, it becomes an enabler. It has now become its worst. I experienced extreme poverty and abuse, and spent years rampaging through life, justifying and rationalizing my uncontrollable anger. I did more drugs than are listed in Pharmacopoeias, drank alcohol almost non-stop for decades to numb my pain, and chose to be blind to the needs of those around me. Throwing money at drunks and addicts simply will not work. I speak with authority, because I’ve been there and done that. Taking money from people, who due to no fault of their own desperately need it, to force sobriety on they who don’t even want it, won’t work. When drunks and addicts are truly ready to stop, trust me they will, with our help, or without it.

I’ve now spent 32 years continually working with, and as an advocate for, the developmentally and physically disabled, and it sickens me to see huge amounts of critical funding, desperately needed to provide them with even the most minimal of care, being diverted to people caught up in cycles of self destruction. When funding is spread out to help too many, too many go without proper help. There’s only so much tax money available to help people today, and it is my opinion that every penny of it needs to be to given to those who desperately need it, instead of self-pitying addicts and alcoholics.

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