The Newest Social Revolution – Bishaveuality

Is bishaveuality the new social revolution? In a world where we are expected to behave one way in public, then another when at home, why not have the best of both worlds? Let both sides of your personality shine by becoming a bishaveual, and be a part of the new social revolution.

Now you can let down you hair at the same time you put forward your professional persona. Bishaveuality makes it so much easier to show the best side of you instantly, and at any occasion. Romantically, you and your partner can enjoy an exciting ‘foursome’ all by yourselves, anytime you want.

Is bishaveuality for everyone? Probably not. But, for those souls torn between work and play or being male or female, bishaveuality provides a way to publicly cope, and ends the constant requests to explain their behavior. Bishaveuality is also inadvertently reviving the art of tailoring, creating local jobs and good incomes for small businesses, which in turn is good for the whole nation. How soon will moral protests erupt over bishaveuality, as they have with other alternative lifestyles? No one knows, but more importantly, no one cares.

If you see a bishaveual at work, school or the mall, please resist your urge to stare. Bishaveuals are not freaks or crazy, nor are they a danger. They are simply people exercising their right of freedom of expression, and should be applauded for their bravery. If you are a bishaveual and need support, please visit hh.bishaveual.zam, and join peers who share your frustration and anger.


Lots of people are two-faced, but few are as honest and open about it as Hank is. And, no one is happier about his lifestyle than his tailor Wong Wei. And, to answer your questions ladies, yes, there is such a thing as a half ‘Brazilian’.

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