National Senior Citizens Day

Once a year a very special day comes around, and I wanted to make sure that you know about it, why it’s special, and hopefully, to motivate you to do something special for someone on it.

The day is National Senior Citizen’s Day. It occurs each year on August 21st in the United States, and on October 1st in Canada. Maybe you know a few seniors, or maybe you are one yourself, either way, it is a special day, and all of our Seniors deserve special recognition.

Senior citizens lived through the Great Depression, and fought for our future, against nature, and against man. The past fity years has accelerated the changes that they have been witness to, the most radical changes in all of human history. Changes that not only happened out in their world, they also happened at home, within their families.

Seniors changed our world, and continue to do so to this very day. Maybe they weren’t the person who performed the world’s first organ transplant, but they served them pie. Perhaps they didn’t put man in space, but they woke up the people who did, then fed them breakfast, kissed them, handed them their lunch and sent them off to school.

Elderly Hand Holding

The roads that we take for granted today, are trails that they blazed decades ago. The technology that we have today, is the result of their imagination. The freedom that we enjoy, they paid for with their blood, sweat and tears. Before you make fun of their bent backs and arthritic limbs, pause to remember that they are like that because of the grueling work that they did, in conditions that we can’t begin to imagine.

So, I would highly recommend that you do something special for them on Senior’s Day. Write a letter to one in your life. And, I mean ‘write’ them a letter. They would love to get a letter from you, hand written by you. Seniors didn’t grow up wired into a computer like today’s youth. They grew up with everything hand written, and still love to get cards and letters that way.

Tell them you are thinking about them, and wanted to thank them for being who they are. Take them out to lunch, and let them read your letter. The impact that this simple little gesture by you will have on them, is immense. And if you are a senior citizen reading this, thank you.

You gave birth, cared for, nurtured and educated the future generations. You helped give us our freedom. You gave the world standards to live up to, and to surpass. You are a living library of sights, sounds and experiences. You have served your family, nation and the world, and have served them well.

To all senior citizens, I want you to know that when I have a chance to open a door for you, or to carry your heavy bags, it is truly an honour to be able to serve you too. So, on this special day, do something special for a very special person. Visit them, and give them your undivided attention. Again, I thank you. I really do appreciate you, and love to tell you in person, when given the chance. So, just say when!

Bob Urbanovitch is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®.

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