The Rise Of Robots – And The End Of Human Rule

Rise Of Robots

Once the stuff of science fiction novels, robotics have become a part of modern life. They have displaced millions of workers, reduced production costs, and are even being used in certain military and police applications. Aeiral robots, called drones, already exist, and are being used more and more every day to patrol the skies. But, the concept of a fully armed and operational mobile robot army or navy has remained in the realm of imagination, that is, until now.

Once restricted by heavy and inefficient batteries, or by the length of power supply lines, robots as we have known them are about to go through major transformations because of recent advances in battery technology. The newest line of batteries, air/metal batteries, offers far greater power output and storage, weigh much less than other models electrical storage, and require little more than water to recharge. This will allow a robot, nearly the size of an automobile, to travel almost a thousand miles and deliver a terrifying arsenal of firepower. Multiply that robot by thousands, or millions, and the future of law enforcement and military action on land and sea becomes easier to invision.

But, as robotic technology advances, human security slips away. How can an unarmed human, capable of a top speed of less than 13 miles per hour, possibly hope to escape a heat seeking, fully armed robot being guided by an operator halfway around the world, that is capable of travelling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour? And, we have all seen those cool jet skis skimming across lakes and rivers, but where do you run when you see 10,000 robotic watercraft coming at you, each equipped with 50 caliber machine guns, laser guided rocket launchers, bazookas and sonar guided C4 stuffed torpedos?

Yes, advances in battery technology will no doubt reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but, unless specific laws restricting robotic use are enacted very, very quickly, we are entering a time when the rest of those old science fiction tales comes true; when the robots decide to attack, and take over from me and you.

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