Richard Mourdock Sinking To New Lows

By Ron Murdock

The real problem with the human gene pool is that there in no lifeguard. – Stephen Wright

The human gene pool is too shallow to warrant a lifeguard. – Ron Murdock

It’s amazing just how low some members of the human race can sink. We have made some great strides in technology, the medical field and space exploration but overall the human race really isn’t going anywhere despite the time we’ve been here on Planet Earth. We call ourselves civilized but after watching how we treat each other, ourselves and the planet, I wonder how much time we have before the plug is pulled on us.

An example from some time ago involves Richard Mourdock. At this point I’d like to point out that despite the similarities of our last names, Mourdock has the extra “O” in it, whereas mine is Murdock. There isn’t a family relation here.

Being in a position of influence one would think Mourdock would know when to take his mouth out of drive and put it into park. I wonder if Mourdock thinks before he speaks or may be he feels he is better than the rest of us.

Mourdock was quoted as saying that if a woman gets pregnant as a result of rape “that’s something God intended.” This is one of the most heartless, if not retarded, things I have heard. What would happen if it was his wife, sister or daughter that got pregnant as a result of rape. What would Mourdock think then? No matter how you look at it rape is rape. I can’t imagine the horror, violation or degradation a woman goes through while being raped. It’s the foulest crime a person can commit against another human being. I don’t see what the difference between what Mourdock said and the Talibans stance on women’s rights. Even for a falliable human being Mourdock sunk pretty low.

I wonder if Mourdock has the courage to say what he said in front of an audience of women not an old boys club. If the women got hostile would Mourdock stand his ground or run for the hills? If Mourdock answers for his comments in the afterlife to whatever deity is in charge at that moment what would the end result be? Your guess is as good as mine.

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