Recipe For The Year By The Northern Star

year 2012
Take twelve fine, full-grown months. Make sure that they’re thoroughly cleansed from all old memories of bitterness, anger, hate, and jealousy. Cut these months into thirty or thirty one equal parts. (This batch will keep for a year. Don’t make more than one batch at a time…. many people spoil the entire lot in this way).

Prepare one day at a time as follows: Into each day, put twelve parts of faith, eleven of patience, ten of courage, nine of work (some people omit this ingredient and spoil the rest), eight of hope, seven of fidelity, six of open-mindedness, five of kindness, four of rest, three of prayer, two of meditation and one of well-selected resolution.

If you have no conscientious scruples, add a teaspoonful of good spirits, a dash of fun, a pinch of silliness, a sprinkling of play and a heaping cupful of good humour. Pour in love liberally, and mix with enthusiasm. Cook thoroughly in trials by fire. Garnish with a few smiles and a sprig of joy, then serve with quietness, unselfishness and cheerfulness. Enjoy!

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