Random Thoughts #4 By Ron Murdock

How many odds have been defied in that Earth hasn’t been hit by a large asteroid or meteor in several years?

To paraphrase what George Orwell wrote in 1984, three other slogans that could be used by the double thinkers are Black is White, Insanity is Sanity, Illness is Health.

To me getting intimate with a smoker is like licking an ashtray.

How many times has it been said that the world is coming to an end? But if it doesn’t happen what is replacing what we had because of our lack of preparation?

I had a dinner at a shelter one time that could only be described as a nutritional oxymoron. It was a veggie burger with bacon strips on the patty.

There is never as much time in the day as one thinks. So make the best of every day and use whatever wisdom and discernment it takes to get through the day.

People say there are things they would not do under any circumstances. But would they if their community demanded otherwise?

I got around to asking a few people if they could ask an alien or God one question what it would be. The kind of responses I got was; “How do we get out of the mess we’re in?”, “I’d ask for peace on Earth.”, “What does that person think of me?” These are the kind of questions we can answer for ourselves. An alien or God doesn’t need to help out on finding the answers.

It’s more important to know what you are for than what you are against…If a dog wrote its autobiography would it be titled “A Dogs Tale?”…When the Waltons were on TV there was a character called John Boy. With this is in mind why wasn’t the father called John Man?

Is our environment being destroyed as a result of living too much in the short term by becoming too materialistic?…What happens if democracy is used in such a way by the controllers of our society so that the rest of us only have an illusion of choice? Can we always choose in the best interests of the planet or at its expense?

Is airport security there to protect us from terrorism or to humiliate us through the disrobing, patting down and so on? Also I wonder if their machines affect or mental and physical capabilities in a negative manner. Or is it an attempt to scare is into being subservient and willing to be controlled by the authorities?

I’m beginning to wonder about the extreme weather in the way of super tornadoes, huge storms and numerous earthquakes. Is it man’s interference, via HAARP, or is it Mother Nature’s way of cleansing our planet?

The best place to hide something is often in plain view…If money went through a washer and dryer could one say it’s been laundered?…With all the hand held gadgets in use could it be possible that the thumb is the most muscled part of the body?

Despite what some of us think, Earth is far from being the center of the Universe. We’re not all that important in the cosmic scale of things.

We humans are really selective in what we hear, see, think and comprehend. Plus some of us are experts at working back from the answer to format the question to fit the answer.

The Heavens Gate people believed there was an alien spacecraft right behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Then a supposed UFO was to be behind the Isontop comet. Why not just have the comet without any extras? Comets are fantastic by themselves without any alleged UFO’s travelling with them…Ever notice how UFO buffs and religious fundamentalists sound so much alike? I don’t find stories from either group believable as their stories sound a bit far fetched to be taken at face value. Then they have their sacred books. One is the “holy” books they have. UFO buffs have Roswell.

Everyone is special but no more special than anyone else. We all have different talents to contribute. No one person or group is better than anyone else. By thinking you are superior means you are not seeing the next person for who they really are. There is nothing wrong in saying: “The way I do things isn’t a better way, it’s just another way of doing things.”

I would say our knowledge of God or whoever runs the Universe is incomplete. Have we ever known what God is like? Do we have an idea now? Will we in the future?

Giraffes and turtles are two animals who stick their necks out.

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