Random Thoughts By Ron Murdock

As much as I like reading about or listening to peoples’ accomplishments, it seems like humans focus more on others’ failures, or become chronic complainers about things beyond their control.

What is the use of repeating the same kind of prayers that essentially say nothing? Does God really need to be reminded, pestered or nagged over things already known about? Though a work of fiction, “The Last Testament” might be things God would tell us. Imagine having several bottles of holy water, then going around spraying people and buildings with it. It could be interesting to see what would happen. As I suspect about the Pepsi and Coca-Cola companies, I wonder if the┬áProtestant and Catholic Churches share the same “board of directors” at the very top of their organizations.

How many people have experienced total relaxation?

How many people are down to Earth, but only because of gravity?

How many people regret not doing the things that they wanted to do in their life?

The next time a person thinks that the stuff they buy, or their lifestyle is better than someone else’s, they should stop to think about two things; Are they wanting to change the other persons mind? Or, do they want to prop themselves up?

When Donald Trump came out with his fragrance, I wondered if it smelled like money.

Two things about cemeteries; Either one wouldn’t be caught dead in one, or, they are dying to get in.

Imagine the effect on our society if the trucking industry worldwide went on strike for more than three days, or, if the electricity went out for an extended period of time.

Harley Davidson is a great motorcycle, but, how much is one paying just for the name?

As entertaining as the Red Green Show is, I don’t recommend anyone at home or work trying what they see on ‘Handyman’s Corner’, or ‘Adventures With Bill’.

I don’t use dating services or matchmaking websites for a number of reasons; They tell you about their successes, but never about their failures. Plus, I would hate to see how many cons, sociopaths, psychopaths and stalkers use these services to search for victims.

We humans run to extremes. One example is food. Some suffer from bulimia, while others gorge without tasting the food they eat, and still others forage for food from dumpsters.

It’s amazing how tax money is wasted sometimes in Canada. Some years ago, thousands of dollars were spent to fund a study of stand up comics. It had me wondering if the feds were studying themselves.

A few years ago, it seemed to be a fad to call oneself an addict of some kind. While legit addictions need to be dealt with, I’ve wondered if some people are so lonely that they will jump on any available bandwagon.

One thing I don’t understand, is a soul picking the family that they are born into. Who would be willing, or want to be born into an abusive or violent situation?

When a person says that they’ve had a revelation of some kind, did they actually have one, or is it their ego speaking?

If buildings could speak, what tales would they tell?

I appreciate celebrities like Helen Hunt and Keith Richards, who avoid the plastic surgery route. Helen Hunt looks like she could use the odd cheeseburger and fries, and Keith Richards looks like he died years ago. But, they are still more real than those fakes who try to look twenty years younger than what they really are.

It looks as if the British royal family has gone from something of social significance, to tabloid fodder and lower rank celebrity status.

If and when Jesus returns, what will he think of the Christian/Catholic Churches?

Every dog that I’ve come across understands two words, those words being “outside” and “walk”. And, almost without exception, every dog I’ve ever petted loves having their hips rubbed.

By Ron Murdock

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