Random Thoughts #7 By Ron Murdock

Random Thoughts Ron Murdock

Be careful when getting involved with the paranormal, as any number of dark entities from this realm could get interested and leech on to you… How often is the saying, “I’m only human”, used as an excuse to not bring about necessary positive changes in one’s life?

I often thought how much the Christian Church has changed since the time of Christ and when Constantine was around. I think Christianity, as a group or individuals, needs to take a good look at how much unnecessary luggage it’s picked up since the two above time periods. This is true for other religions as well… I don’t find questioning God a sin as issues, dramas and the truth gets out into the open. Plus I would think God would appreciate the honesty.

One thing self-help gurus may not realize is that it takes more than just visualization to get what one wants in their life. Putting in the necessary effort to achieve your goals and wishes is part of it. Also, one has to anticipate any problems that show up and deal with them in an appropriate manner. Be ready for whatever hits you sideways.

To paraphrase what Chris Hadfield wrote in his book, there are three types of people in our world. One group is actively harmful and creates problems for everyone concerned. The second group is neutral and doesn’t try to tip the balance one way or another. The third group “actively adds value” to what is around them.

It’s known that secret societies exist, so what needs to be done is to find out who they are and how many of them there are. Also what is the connection between them, and how much control or influence they have in world events.

It’s amazing how some job titles have changed. A person who makes coffee is now a barista… If a snail lost its shell would it become a homeless slug?… All history, no matter how ancient or current it is, is subject to interpretation or distortion to some degree. So instead of reading about the truth a lot of history is revisionist.

I’ve always wondered what game show hosts think of the hyper excited guest that are called down. I do believe the guests, along with some of the crowd, are competing for that days Darwin Award. Not long ago in Nelson, an accused bank robber attempted to escape by throwing down his crutches and running away. He was caught two blocks later by authorities. Talk about a candidate for that days Darwin Award. Another candidate for a Darwin Award is the woman who added a third breast between the two she already had. This was done so men would find her unattractive. I would think her attitude would drive them away.

The best things in life are the ones that shake up our traditional and habitual ways of doing things. When it comes time for people to relax or travel it seems that something comes up and gets in the way. Excuses like not enough time or money, obligations to fulfill and so on. How many people work themselves into the ground, six feet under in fact… I can see this one happening. Pop up ads for divorce lawyers on dating websites.

If a person thinks things only happen to other people, think again. The day may come that they become the other person. An interesting way of getting even with someone is throwing a bag of orange coloured snacks into their dryer of white clothes. I hate when people are regarded as little more than commodities that need to be sold, something not as people with dreams, goals, interests or passion for life. Here is a trend I’d like to see more often. Real looking models. Not women resembling bone racks, or over muscular men on steroids. Instead of frequent flyer points, companies should offer frequent buyer points.

Are we coming to the point that no one will remember what life was like prior to the Inter-Net, cell phones and other hand held gadgets? Compare this to our grandparents and great grandparents time when sending a message anywhere in the world, in a flash, was beyond their imagination and comprehension. I don’t think much of living in an online world; I like my privacy and solitude too much.

By Ron Murdock

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