Random Thoughts #3 By Ron Murdock

It’s not much use to tell people to look for God if you don’t know where or how to look yourself. Just make sure you check out the information and draw your own conclusions as a lot of this subject matter here could very well be made up on the spot.

It’s amazing how artificial light has changed the human body cycle. We’ve gone from being part of the natural cycle of life – up at dawn, sleeping at night – to being active 24/7. How much of this has affected us in a negative manner?

Considering the reasons most relationships/marriages occur and direction they go, I wonder why it is assumed single people aren’t complete as a person…Michael Cobb came up with the most realistic wedding vows I’ve read so far. It goes; “You’re going to have fights, you’re going to be upset, there’s going to be illness, for better or worse, is really true. I want you, when you’re there, when you’re about to get mad and you’re about to leave, I want you to think about how you felt right at this particular moment and you will feel connected and secure.”…There is a difference between alone and feeling lonely. Being alone is being able to be ones self and enjoy ones own company. Being lonely is setting aside things you need or want to do in order to cling on to others for no real reason.

If Jesus decided to return in a low profile, I wonder what he would think based on his observations of the human race.

Is the expression I want/need you another way of saying I want you to lead my life for me?

Back in the 80’s I got home one day, turned on the TV only to see wrestling on. Not being a fan I started doing something else. A few minutes later I still heard “arguing” only to find “This Week In Parliament” had come on. Quickly I made a connection on how similar wrestling and politics had become.

Back in the 60’s there was a popular TV show called “The FBI”. A major sponsor was the Ford Motor Company, who also supplied the cars for the actors to drive. Talk about getting your advertising moneys worth. I started calling the show The Ford Bureau of Investigation.

It seems most people have no idea of where they’re going and only a vague idea of where they were…How much worse would things be if we lived in a godless universe?…How people would consider thinking outside the box never mind actually doing it?…Another reason guys don’t bald, their hair goes AWOL.

When I lived in Prince Rupert from 1996 to 1999, the only growth industries at the time was Social Services, Mental Health Services, the can/bottle depot, bankruptcy firms, divorce court and the drug industry – both street and pharmaceutical.

Other than in a polite sense, I notice people in church really don’t get along. Yes, there is small talk that goes on prior to and after the service but for the most part they really keep to their own group setting…I don’t get how religious fundamentalists think women shouldn’t be able to teach or speak in the church. There are women in the church who are better educated, more intelligent than guys who just want to keep others in subservience.

I find the following quite profound. The past is already gone and can’t be changed. The future is yet to arrive and is completely unknown. The present moment, this very moment now, is ultimately the only moment you have.

By Ron Murdock

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