Random Thoughts #2 By Ron Murdock

Did Jesus intend to create a church, or did the church create Jesus?

Geology is the study of time and pressure. History is the study of people and trends.

Occasionally when I’m walking around, I see one sock or one shoe laying around. It has me wonder where the other sock or shoe is. How does one not notice a sock or shoe falling off them when walking outside?

If one can’t provide self care for themselves, how can they expect others to do it for them? Spiritual life isn’t easy. It’s not something “out there”. It requires commitment and is a part of life that needs to be lived moment by moment. We need to face any illusions about what spirituality is or isn’t. We have to see what is happening in our world, and ask what is needed at any given time. We need to adopt a reflective manner more often and not go so much on linear thinking. Try being more light hearted instead of being so stuffy.

Convenient as they are, I do find drive thrus annoying. Have we become so rushed that we can’t get out of our vehicles more often to get that extra bit of exercise and inter-action with people?

If people from a hundred years ago looked “primitive” to us, what will we look like to people living a hundred years from now?

Ever notice the difference between people out at noon, and those out at midnight? To coin an appropriate pun, it’s like the difference between night and day.

Just how often has the Washington Generals beaten the Harlem Globetrotters?

What would happen if everyone stood on their doorstep and yelled out, “What’s going on?” It would be interesting to watch the chain reaction and see how the authorities would react.

At the Denny’s in Cranbrook I got asked if I wanted dessert after eating one of their breakfasts. I looked at the waitress and asked if chocolate cream pie, or ice cream with butterscotch topping, would go well with what I had.

Every six months to two years I make the rounds of attending various church services. I usually see one of five things. One is people wearing the latest fashions. Two is that the service usually bores me so much that I tune a lot of it out. Three is when they think they know what is good for “non-believers”. Four is when I go to a charismatic service and witness a circus act. Five is when I think I’ve gone through a time warp and come out to a situation similar to The Waltons.

As much as Spelling Bees have merit, I think we have to reset some priorities. How about doing the same for thinking, reasoning or developing ethics.

If commercials are an indication, advertisers must think we are really stupid. Ads really contribute to the dumbing down of society.

Since there is such a thing called the speed of light, is there such a thing called the speed of dark?

Why do people talk or write in so many words, yet manage to say so little? Myself, I try to speak or write as much as I can, in as little words as possible.

How often are words like corrupted, sinner or heretic are used to describe those who have opinions that challenge the status quo? One thing I noticed is that Jesus challenged the religious powers of the day. Now that the Christian Church has the majority of the power base in North America, they need the same kind of challenges that Jesus presented. How much do people preach tolerance, but only their version of it? As much as science and religion have been at odds with each other over the years, they still reflect the Creative Intelligence that runs the Universe.

Do humans give up on the things in life due to lack of interest, or because our minds get restless waiting for the next kick?

Once Christmas is over with, is Santa Claus on some kind of unemployment insurance, or does he operate his own courier company?

Relationships are very transitional in nature. How often is yesterdays friend tomorrows enemy, or vice versa? This is true among countries too.

Mindfulness need not be a source of anxiety regarding what happened in the past or what could happen in the future. It isn’t an end in itself but a habit of enjoying the present moment.

By Ron Murdock

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