Random Thoughts 13

By Ron Murdock

Random Thoughts Ron Murdock

While I appreciate the anti-bullying campaigns making the rounds, will it keep people from speaking the honest truth for fear of being labelled a bully?

One doesn’t learn anything about real life situations by reading a book or staying at home, but by going out and experiencing it.

We can blame the Global Elite or Illuminati for the state our world is in. I see it as just another excuse for not taking a good look at ourselves to see what needs changing there. We’re passing the blame in other words… People claim to want to change the system because of the B.S. involved. Noble as it sounds but will the replacement system have as much B.S. in it at some point in the future?

It’s not very useful to just believe in something, knowing the reality of it is more important… When I hear a marriage is being planned I want to start a betting pool on how long the marriage will last… Where is the line drawn in stating one’s honest opinion and getting involved in the dramas, issues and luggage of other people’s lives?

When politicians tell me about civic duties, I would ask them if they would cut their pensions by 50 to 65%, then tell us what is really happening behind the scenes and who their handlers are… I used to think the conspiracy theories was closer to the truth than the sanitized politically correct version of a story. Now I ask if both sides are coming from the same source to keep us in a confused state of mind.

To know about history is to ask questions of those who were actually there and can make sense of it. They know more than what is taught in a classroom… Call holding is just another way of ignoring someone.

If I were to start a religion I would have George Carlin, Red Green and William M. Gaines as the trinity with Alfred E Neuman as the figurehead… Why is it that we get swamped by negative thoughts more than positive ones?… When I hear a movie is ‘based on a true story’ I wonder how liberal the producers and directors are with the facts… No matter how much you think you’re against the system you are still part of it when you make a purchase of some kind or you’re mooching stuff for free.

Most of us get too much in the way of information overload. Yet, so much of it is very poor quality… When information is coming in one needs to ask if it is educational or just plain propaganda.

In case you don’t believe me when I say politicians have handlers, I have three examples. Sarah Palin – Airhead; Stephen Harpur – Zombie; George W Bush – chimp-human hybrid… I see electronic vote counting being a problem. Just how easy is it to change or rig the count?

Why does it seem that the best comedians don’t laugh much on or off stage?… I can’t understand why marijuana is still for the most part illegal, while alcohol, which has caused for more damage, is legal… When someone says God, spirit guides, guardian angels or aliens are trying to communicate with them, I wonder if it is a case of believing in imaginary friends or if it’s delusional thinking taking over… It’s best to heed the reality checks that come your way or they will bite you on the rear end.

I used to live in a town that promoted a healthy lifestyle and regarded itself as environmentally friendly. Yet there is a lot of people there that smoke cigarettes, and there is plenty of vehicle traffic… Relationships and romance, like many other things in life, must be looked at in the cold white light of dawn to get a honest appraisal of where things are at… I have to ask what is so pro-life about shooting doctors who perform abortions, or keeping someone on life support who has no chance of a full or even a partial recovery.

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