Random Thoughts 11

By Ron Murdock

When families like the Rockerfellers and Kissingers think we are little more than cannon fodder or useless eaters I start wondering what they have planned for the human race, if anything… How many of us, including our ‘leaders’, have the DNA of a fungus?

It’s wise to be prepared to be hit sideways at times. But does it mean being hit by a bad thing? Maybe it will be a good thing that hits you.

At the start of their careers doctors may want to help people get well and stay that way but how much are they restrained by Big Pharma and are seduced by the big bucks to do the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry.

Everyone is supposed to have a mission to accomplish to do during their lifespan on Planet Earth. Yet there isn’t an ideology, religion, teacher or master that can tell us what it is. Only by turning inwards can you find out what your mission is.

Propaganda isn’t always about putting false ideas into people’s minds. It can also be giving too much data to them at one time, creating information overload. Or it could be used to get us so confused that we can’t figure anything out and accept the first ‘clear answer’ that comes along.

You may not get exactly what you want in life but what does come along could be that the unexpected situation that is far more ideal.

I never have been a believer that a child picks the family they are born into. What child would be willing to be part of a family where some from of abuse is involved? I think random happenings is at work here but perspective parents have to realize if they have what it takes to raise a child.

Research studies said kissing prolongs a person’s life. Oh really. Why do we need to know this? As it really matters especially in light of bigger matters to take care of.

While I can’t blame anyone wanting to have more certainty in their life but this won’t always be the case. No matter how much a person plans, begs, prays or meditates, uncertainty will always be part of life. It may be that way so we don’t get into too much of a comfortable routine.

How many times in any kind of relationship is one person treated as a commodity?…One term we can get rid of is ‘dumb blonde’. This is a stereotype that doesn’t work at anytime as all blondes aren’t dumb

When it comes to the various stories of virgin births, don’t tell me why, tell me how. Was it cloning or artificial insemination? Just how can a woman get pregnant without a sexual act? Inquiring minds want to know…I refuse to call any species as an it. They all have some form of consciousness and are either male or female; just like us humans…One thing I suspect about the various mac and cheese dinners is that the cardboard box had more nutrients in it than the foodstuff in the box.

As I’m getting older I’m finding being a freethinking agnostic is invaluable in learning how to think as opposed to being told what to think.It’s not easy going against the grain but questioning the status quo and being open to numerous viewpoints is actually quite liberating. I find myself keeping my relations with non-freethinkers at arms length or ending them. I don’t want to accept anything at face value nor do I want to be converted to any viewpoint I find questionable.

I heard that texting could help people in their relationship(s). Okay but wouldn’t face to face contact be a better way of doing it?…Instead of complaining about what you don’t have or endlessly striving for it, enjoy what you have and be thankful for it.

I don’t take consensus reality very seriously. I’d rather do my own research and come to my own conclusions…Wouldn’t it be something if what we think is reality is actually little more than a highly advanced computer program?

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