Quattriuum FWD Hockey Powershot Syncs With Smartphone To Measure Speed And Stats Of Shots

FWD Hockey PowershotTM – Sensor For Hockey Sticks

Hockey players have longed for a way to measure the power and speed of their shot at home, in the rink, or, on the street. But, up until now, it required a lot of expensive and cumbersome equipment.

Knowing how important it is to an athlete to track their performance and achievement, Quattriuum created the FWD Hockey PowershotTM. Ultra easy, lightweight & extremely portable, it allows hockey players to analyze the amplitude and execution speed of their swing, overall performance, assess their progress, and compare results with teammates.

The Quattriuum FWD PowershotTM syncs with your smartphone using a Bluetooth Smart 4.0 wireless connection. Your statistics are automatically stored in your profile. At around $150.00, every team should have one, and they’re inexpensive enough to be affordable for families.

For full specs, including all the devices it’s compatible with (and there’s a ton of them), visit Quattriuum’s website at www.quattriuum.com.

FWD PowershotTM, the world’s most advanced sensor for hockey sticks.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert hockey player, there’s a good chance you’re curious about the speed of your shot, your reaction time and the amplitude of your swing. These are the questions that Quattriuum sets out to answer with the FWD Powershot, a sensor that can be inserted into the shaft of your hockey stick.

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