Politics Needs More Choices Part 2

By Ron Murdock

‘When I hear that a person talking about political solutions, I know I am not listening to a serious person.” – George Carlin

Whether a person wants to be involved or not, they have to watch they are not at the receiving end of some kind of social engineering program, fear, various propaganda schemes or anything similar. I do get involved with my writing or with the radio show I had, but I don’t want to be a go to person, a success story or some poster boy. It is to ask if we live in a democracy or we are nothing more than collateral or resources for the puppet masters. We need to look at if we’re doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. We must avoid group think, the us versus them mentality and the mindlessness that has taken over us.

Politics is much like the wrestling world in that there is much in the way of glitz and glamour involved with not much substance. Wrestlers have a script to follow when the cameras are on them, so do politicians but their handlers may insist it being closer to a 24/7 lifestyle. I don’t want to go as far as calling politicians a threat to our freedom, but who have they sold out to?

Everyone knows something is amiss in our world. We can neither keep with up the status quo nor get into the realm of conspiracy theories. We need to seek knowledge and become independent thinkers and truth seekers. Those who think voting is awesome may not be able to see the forest for the trees, as they can’ t see the behind scenes dealings or how many electronic vote counts are rigged along with computer programs changing vote results. Knowing the truth will set you free but be prepared for a few shocks along the way.

False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. We have to get to the truth of any matter if we want to get out of the house of mirrors or maze we are in. There are those who think people shouldn’t have the right to decide anything for themselves. If they get their way here what will it do for democracy staying in place? Do they think we’re so incapable or incompetent to run our lives as we see fit? It’s time to start learning how to think, set some personal goals, get our power back so we don’t get bullied by social engineers.

If we held politicians accountable like what happens in other jobs there would be a lot of unemployed politicians around. Imagine how they would clean up their act if they saw their tax funded pensions being taken away or cut back. They might start doing their jobs instead being parasites. So why do we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? I can believe that a mental virus is spreading throughout the world. I’d like to know exactly where it originated from, how widespread it will become and what effects on a person’s mental functions and physical body it has.

I’ve heard of the expression we-ness. I’m all for working together, but if means being politically correct I am out of here. One can be totally honest without using slander, libel, racism, sexism or using excessive swearing. In a future article I’ll be taking an in-depth look at my take on political correctness. We are humans that can be full of life not just a number on a piece of paper, cog in the machinery nor are we slaves if we are brave enough to free ourselves.

We need less government and get rid of the senate. Cut the taxpayers funded pensions to reasonable levels. We can’t say we’re more enlightened when the levels of B.S. aren’t going down. If politicians had to get another job it would be a wake-up call for them to work shifts, dealing with the general public while on a job that pays just the minimum wage. The circus has to stop some time, the sooner the better.

Instead of relying on government to the degree we do now we could do several things. Homeschooling could be an alternative to public schools. Defend ourselves instead of submitting to the every growing high tech security field so mass surveillance may decrease. Direct involvement does away with excessive government and their representatives telling us what is good for us. Resolving our differences is a peaceful manner means less for lawyers and less court time. Less taxes means more money in your wallet. More participation means less time spent with faceless bureaucrats, or being placed on hold for the next available operator. Wouldn’t you rather have a direct say on things that affect you, or deal with local people on issues in the community you live in as opposed to a centralized agency that is a long way from home.

We need to be free of any secret agendas that involve government and any social engineers telling us how to live our lives. Every one of us has the talents, skills and abilities to help out. Time and money levels vary, but a person can do what they can here. How an individual participates is totally up to them. It takes only imagination, inspiration and determination to get started.

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