Politics Needs More Choices Part 1

By Ron Murdock

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. – Dan Millman


With the American election coming up, I’m not liking the lack of choices that the voting public has. Donald Trump seems to be too busy rallying the troops to say anything of substance. Plus I have to ask how many false flags he will set up to divert attention away from the truth. Hillary Clinton does have eight years of hands on experience of being president, for being the behind the scenes handler of her husband Bill.

In Canada we do have more selection to choose from, but for all intent and purposes the real powers are lurking in the background. The Liberals, Conservatives and NDP, I suspect answer to those who pull the puppet strings. If it hasn’t happened already, I imagine the Greens and Libertarians will fall into the same quicksand and be influenced by corporate interests. So if what I write is anything close to the truth, the choice is no more than an illusion.

A few years ago, both in provincial and federal politics, the small – fringe if you want that term – were eliminated by having the cost raised to enter the election race. I suspect the established parties didn’t like the competition, as it took too many votes away from their power base. I do miss the Rhinos, as their satirical way of doing things appealed to me. The bottom line is that we need more legitimate options to vote for as too many of us are sick of being lied to so much.

Anytime voting day comes around, it reminds me of the illusion of choice we have. Any of the deeper issues aren’t brought up as what is really happening. Topics like who is pulling the strings of politicians from behind the scenes. I’ve suspected for years that no matter who is elected, no matter which part gets in, the ‘winner’ is selected even before any votes are cast.

Basically what we are getting is part of the cult of celebrity syndrome. People get caught up in the resulting propaganda and have become so brain washed they can no longer think outside the box, or step back far enough to take an objective look at things. Politics is a major contributor to the us versus them mentality, pitting people against each other via emotional responses. Critical thinking falls by the wayside when groups fall into the herd or hive mentality.

No one should complain whether they vote or not. If you vote, just remember you helped put the sleaze bags into power. Do you think they really care or listen to you once elected? If they do, it’s kept at a minimum such as when they want something from you. Their first priority is to the masters who contributed to their campaign. We need to get a better system going before it gets worse. Repairing the broken one we have now is a waste of time. It’s comparable to breaking a plate then trying to glue the pieces back together. Yet all the asinine or half assed B.S. I hear is like rearranging the furniture on the Titanic as it was sinking into the North Atlantic.

We need action to spark any real long term change. Legislating laws won’t do it. Gandhi and Rosa Parks did more than any of our leaders. When people refuse to vote, don’t lay a guilt trip on them but take a good look at why they aren’t. It may be more from noncompliance than apathy. Standing up for the truth and speaking it is quite liberating, especially if it goes against the grain of what others are saying.

It looks like people want to live in an illusionary mindset that provides a comfort zone that most don’t want to leave. It can have a person in one of two situations. The first is that one is so numbed out to what is actually going on locally and globally. There is only so much information that a person can handle over time, so they tune it out. On the other hand, an awakening could overtake a person to do too much at one time that either burns them out, or gets to emotionally involved when rational thought is more realistic.

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