Pointy Ears Are The Perfect Addition To A Pointy Little Head

elf ears

Elf ears the latest trend?

Fantasy film buffs of Lord of the Rings and Avatar have taken their obsessions to whole new levels, by having their ears shaped into ‘elf’ ears, even though the craze has many possible health risks.

The operation to get elf ears involves the top cartilage of the ears being sliced apart, and then sewn back together, to create an elf-like pointed ear. Body modification artist Steve Haworth of Phoenix, Arizona is just one of the people offering this ear splitting modification service. He is world-renowned, and has even won the Guinness World Record for ‘most advanced body modification artist’.

Mr. Haworth charges clients about $600 to have both of their audio appendages turned into elf ears. The procedure takes only about 20 minutes, but because Haworth is not a doctor, he is not allowed to use or prescribe anesthetics and pain killers for his “subjects”.

So, if you’re willing to suffer a lot of pain in order to look like you’re right out of a si-fi movie with elf ears, here’s your chance!!

Elf ears the latest trend

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