Personal Spy Planes Super Affordable Now

Personal Spy Planes

Personal Spy Planes

Now families that fly together, can spy together with personal spy planes like the SpyHawk

Are you one of those people who needs to know what the Joneses are watching on TV, or if Alice, who lives a block over, and wins the blue ribbon for her massive zucchinis each year, uses a mutant growth formula? Well, we have some great news for you. It is now possible to purchase your own spy plane, and for a LOT less than you think! Start with a base Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter for about $60.00, then work your way up to a Spyhawk FPV Version 3.

Traditionally, First Person Flying (FPF) was complex, costly and time consuming, but with spy planes like the new SpyHawk FPV, all the hard work is done. Simply glue on the tail pieces with the included glue, charge the battery, and go spying! The SpyHawk spy plane is made of crash resistant foam, and it’s built in stabilization system makes it perfect for beginners and experienced R/C Flyers alike.

Aerial remote control video surveillance, it’s not just for governments anymore!

Be a community trendsetter. Personal spy planes are perfect for neighborhood watch programs, news reporting, and being able to “keep up with the Joneses”.  Now there is no reason to stay at home all alone anymore. Don’t sit there lonely, stressed and depressed. Get a natural high. Just buy, fly and spy! What could make a better holiday gift to yourself, or someone as genetically prone to snooping as you are?

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