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Men come in all kinds of models, something like the cars we buy. It looks good when you first get it, but then you realize that you should have spent the extra to get more add-ons.

Some men are like the new models, the upper end flashy cars that look amazing. We’re hesitant to invest in them because we know the upkeep will cost us a bundle in emotional issues. They look great, and oh boy, those chassis are eye catching! But, once they are off the assembly line, women know that any serious damage will be hard to fix, and it’ll end up costing us big time if we want to return it. We notice that other women are definitely attracted to this kind of model, which could cause problems in the long run. Unless you are extremely attractive yourself, I would suggest looking for a more standard model.

The foreign sports models are fun and lively, but once kids start coming along, you realize that they are not very functional or helpful, since all they want to do is party on. Those need to be kicked to the curb quickly, and an upgrade to the family model is in order. These are the hardest ones to find. A major search is needed to score one that is worth keeping. It really involves a lot of planning to figure out just what it is that we are looking for. Looking on line for something that will meet your needs can be tricky. You could really end up with a lemon.

Sometimes a second hand one is worth checking out. Just because the first owner didn’t care for it properly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have good qualities and won’t work for you. Usually they may turn out to be older models, and have a little more mileage on them than you had hoped for, but you can always take them for a test drive to see how things are working. I’d recommend checking on how much baggage he is carrying. The previous owner may not give him rave reviews, so it’s always a good idea to ask the opinion of friends and relatives.


If you happen to find the perfect type for you, snap him up quickly, because there will be someone right behind you just waiting for you to pass him up. It’s similar to being in the car lot and having another person waiting to make an offer if you end up having a bad credit rating. You know he’ll be gone if you flub this up.

Once you make that commitment, look after him properly. Don’t overspend unless it helps to keep his motor running. Make sure he has his oil changed regularly, and take him for long vacation drives to blow out any excess carbon. Feed him premium fuel so that his internal parts are kept in good working order. A well maintained model can last for years and give you everything that you ever wanted. I’ve had mine for forty three years, and you know, he’s even better than the day I got him… Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Val EndersAuthor Val Enders resides in Spruce Grove, Alberta. She married her high school sweetheart, Richard, and they’ve been together for over 40 years. Val doesn’t consider herself a writer by profession, rather she writes more for her own enjoyment. An accomplished artist, Val’s a member of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove. Visit Val’s “Journey Into Art” website at www.vals.webs.com

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