9 Inch Heeled Platform Shoes Let You Stand Out In A Crowd

9 inch heels

Are these platform shoes for you?

For those who want to stand out in a crowd, there are now platform shoes with a whopping nine inch high heel.

With a price tag of under $100 for a pair, these platform shoes are priced perfectly for those who feel vertically challenged or drag queens. The low price is a good thing, because the likelihood of the person wearing these platform shoes needing expensive medical attention at some point in the future, in one form or another, is extremely high.

In a survey of 3,000 women who regularly wear platform shoes, results showed that one in ten had to receive medical attention, or even be hospitalized, because of their vertiginous stilettos. Nearly half had twisted their ankle at least once because of their footwear, and two thirds admitted to wearing shoes that were knowingly causing them injury. The top injuries included broken ankles, twisted knees, infected blisters, bunions and torn tendons. Some had even fallen flat on their face as a result of their platform shoes, breaking teeth, noses and/or their wrists.

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