Natural Beauty By Mrs Usha

Natural Beauty

What is beauty? I don’t know. Will I be able to perceive real beauty in a person as I get older?

To me being beautiful is not a touch of facial makeup, wearing clothes to the taste of modern trends, or wearing high heels on a catwalk. External beauty attracts people, which might lead to complications if we are not aware. Why do we need to be beautiful? Why don’t we accept our natural beauty? Are we trying to help the commercial world? I can ask everyone of you many questions like this. But, think for a moment, what do we gain from all the skin products that we buy? Are we satisfied with all the therapy and treatments ? What about the anti-aging creams, do they really work?

Why don’t we accept the fact that our creator created us to live a life full of happiness? If we attempt to find happiness by making ourselves extraordinarily beautiful, then we will have never learned how to lead a life full of happiness. Happiness is not how much others appreciate our beauty. To me, happiness is being honest, trustworthy, respecting people, helping people and taking the time to appreciate the natural beauty in everything . I find solace and peace by doing so. One might ask, do I really mean this? I can assure you, YES! To me, a thing of natural beauty is a joy forever. Some say that a witty woman is a treasure, but I say that a witty natural beauty is a power to be reckoned with.

I think that one’s greatest asset, is being beautiful without using cosmetics. I truly agree with the saying, “The soul that sees beauty, may sometimes walk alone”. To me, being beautiful is being true in my workplace. I cannot really say what is so beautiful about my work place, but the image of it remains vividly with me. Christian Dior once said, “Zest is the secret of all beauty”. I agree with this too.

A woman whose smile is open, and whose expression is glad, has a special kind of beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who exercises and has a balanced diet. Honesty is not only the best policy, it is a way to be beautiful. It sounds like an effortless and painless suggestion, but it is difficult to be honest to yourself, and with others. Take it has a challenge, and may everyone succeed.

Mrs. Usha is a teacher by profession at Cempaka Damansara International School. She loves to read and write on the topics that she is engrossed with.

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