Naked Man Orchid – Floral Gift For Discerning Tastes

Naked Man OrchidPssst, want to see a naked man? How about lots of naked men? Then this article is for you, because it is all about a naked man – plant that is. But, to see all this amazing botanical beauty has to offer, you have to use a little imagination.

It is a human trait to see ourselves in other things, and to see things differently than they really are. Case in point, the beautiful and delicate Orchis Italica, or ‘The Naked Man Orchid’.

Funny Flower - Naked Man OrchidThese delicate pink, purple, yellowish and white orchids oddly resemble the shape of nude male figures, and seem to have many of the anatomical variations that human men share.

It is the perfect plant for the ladies at the office, who can enjoy a perverse sense of pleasure having a potted Pee Pee plant upon their desk that causes male counterparts to squirm with subconscious discomfort.

But, be forewarned, while Naked Man Orchids may be an appropriate gift for a bachelorette party, they are not advisable as part of a corsage for formal gatherings, and most certainly not for proms.

Also known as the Italian orchid, Orchis Italica is a species native to the Mediterranean area. It prefers partial shade, low nutrient soil and flowers in April. The Naked Man Orchid grows up to 50 centimeters (20 inches) in height, and features bright, densely clustered flowers ‘hanging’ from dainty stems.
Orchis italica - Naked Man Orchid, Italian Orchid

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