Myth Or Mindgames

By Ron Murdock

Sometimes party loyalty asks too much. – John F Kennedy

I’ve been reading a lot in the last few weeks about how our genetic make up and brain waves will be altered to some degree. How much truth to this remains open for discussion so it is to ask how much malarkey is involved in these stories to keep us in a fear mindset. If we get frightened of what could happen then we lose focus on the reality of what is actually happening. We can still deal with mind control effectively. Don’t like what is on TV or the music on the radio? Turn it off then. No matter what is told to you, you are in control of your immediate surroundings. This includes the people you choose to associate with.

This is not to say manipulation doesn’t exist, it does big time. To get a grip on it, just stop to sit down and take a cold hard look at the bottom line. Even if the majority are swayed by various polls or by the winds of public opinion doesn’t mean you have to be. It’s wise to get grounded in reality before putting your mouth into drive. There is nothing wrong with keeping your mouth in park until all the necessary information comes in. But to barf out the party line is putting your mouth into neutral and coasting through life.

Finger On Brain - Mindgames

World leaders must really love the majority of the population. So easy to control with a minimum of effort. Just keep them asleep, tell them not to worry, everything is just fine as it is. Anyone who disagrees with them will be medicated. The us versus them mentality is so effective in keeping people from connecting with each other. Getting people to keep an eye out for possible dissidents is another good way of keeping others in line.

Brain scanning or fingerprinting goes well beyond the technology described in Orwell’s 1984. All in the name of catching all those thought criminals before they call the systems B.S. for what it is. Just because one wears a while lab coat or suit and tie doesn’t mean they an expert. They’ve bought into the B.S. as much as the rest of us.

One thing I’m beginning to suspect is if both sides of a story is bogus. It could be possible that the conspiracy theory and the sanitized official version originates from the same source. This would be a great piece of work to start two opposite sides of the story to keep people at odds and not realize how they are being conned.

Yet an individual can still be compromised rather easily, a person can still get wrapped up in the mass psyche. Freedom is offered as long as one stays in the confines of ‘acceptable’ behavior that doesn’t negatively affect the tribe they belong to, family and workplace. If it involves following a script that ends in a pre-determined end the we’re not dealing with real liberty and ignoring other opinions. Diversity and choice haven’t been deleted, just hidden from inquiring minds who want to know what is really going on.

It’s like if magicians are working behind the scenes doing things to their advantage. They use illusions to keep us from seeing things as they really are. If what we read of any value whether it’s from the mainstream or alternative news sources. I wonder who is behind the push to get people enlightened. It sounds like another agenda to keep us folks trapped in yet another fallacy.

One needs to verify the source(s) to see how much, if any, truth is involved. A lot of what we read or hear these days is just an extension of what is written in Orwell’s 1984. So much information yet so much of it is questionable.

Will things change for the better or will one B.S. system be replaced by another one? We need to clear out the mental sludge from our head to get anywhere.

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