Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent – Book Review

Not Your Mother's Book On Being A Parent

Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent – Book review by W. Lewis.

Parenthood is a stage of life when many things merge, and begin to make sense, that once made no sense at all. It is the point in life when we experience our most profound emotions, from the deepest and truest love, to absolute repulsion and hatred. Every parent has a tale of trial and tribulation, and every person has something to gain by listening to them. For, though our language, skin color, culture and religion may vary widely, parenting is universal. From the beauty of a child’s smile, to poop stimulated gag reflexes, every day of parenthood is filled with adventurous moments.

“Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent” is a collection of sixty eight stories penned by parental survivors, and from page one shares insights, frights and other delights. This book is chuckle buckled, sealed with sense, and bound by wisdom that the Dali Lama could learn from. However, single people be forewarned, the tales that lie within Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent may forever change your desire to one day experience the ‘joys’ of children of your own.

I reckon that the two most trustworthy folks on this ol’ planet, are parents and farmers, and for much the same reasons. Both have to be a Jack-of-all-trades, both spend a heap of time considering the weather and both make a living out of nurturing and helping things grow. However, while a farmer has an almanac to help him get along, parents pretty well have to fly by the seat of their pants. But, error is the grandfather of comedy, and the result is Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent, a book full of other people’s ‘ah-ah’ moments and red-faced ‘whoops’, that will keep your grinning and giggling for hours.

Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent, edited by Dahlynn McKowen, Ken McKowen and Pat Nelson, is published by Publishing Syndicate, and is a great gift for those soon to become parents, parents who are struggling to keep it together, and parental nostalgia for those who have become ‘grand’ and ‘great grand’ parents.

Not Your Mother’s Book On Being A Parent is the perfect read for long commutes, rainy days and snugly nights, so order one for yourself (and one to give as a gift) today!

Bookworm Rating:

Bookworms - 4

Book Review By: W. Lewis, Publisher at The Northern Star

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