More Aerial Sightings Over The Night Skies Of Nelson


In late August of 2014 I was awake between 2 and 4 in the morning. I was in bed when it started to vibrate slowly. I got thinking a low magnitude earthquake was happening in Nelson B.C., or a large one was occurring on the west coast. I was looking out the window when an object flew over the roof of the building next door. It was the size of a large football and was largely lit up, or it was heat was radiating from its surface as the light was a bright orange.

Another night I was out from 6:30 in the evening to 2 a.m. About 11 that night I saw a brightly lit aircraft flying from the northwest to the southeast. This was a similar sighting to what I saw in previous years in Nelson and Grand Forks. As this evening progressed I saw a small aircraft, with a flashing green light, circling Nelson a few times. Several times a few of us have heard a heavy rumbling of an engine overhead. This night I heard the jet engine above me, then I saw it flying at a very slow speed almost at a dead stop. It was heading northwest.

It was three weeks later before I noticed some more night sky sightings. My shift as a security guard had ended at 11 p.m., so I headed down to the lakeshore. I had a feeling I was about to see some activity. About an hour later I did see the same green flashing light circling Nelson in a clockwise manner. It may have been a Cessna, but I couldn’t hear any noise coming from it. At the same time I saw two flashes of light over Nelson. It reminded me of someone taking camera pictures of Nelson from the sky.

The next night I went out just after sunset to see what could be seen. The only incident was a jet flying overhead at a higher level than it did three weeks earlier, at only a slight increase of speed, heading northwest. Several of us are wondering what this jet is all about, and what it is doing. One person suggested that this jet is military personal looking for the same things that others on the ground are seeing.

More to come in the future as the skies of the West Kootenays are active.

By Ron Murdock

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