Love Fish? Then The Moody Aquarium Sink Is For You!

Moody Aquarium Sink
Are you looking to give you bathroom a unique look? Do you like to do your “bathroom routine” with ten pairs of eyes watching you? If so, and you have a spare $4500.00 hanging around, the Moody Aquarium Sink might be just the sink to bring your boring bathroom to life!

The Moody Aquarium sink has a watertight built-in aquarium, that sits on a chrome finished brass stand. It has a top that can be removed for cleaning and rearranging, two openings on the side for feeding the fish, as well as a water pump and water filter system to help keep your fish happy. A calming glow is achieved from a light in the back.

The Moody Aquarium Sink can also be used as a terrarium with rocks and plants, or even a Zen garden with sand, if you are not into fish.

Of course, if you are going to have an aquarium sink, and have even more money laying around, you might as well go all out and buy an aquarium toilet as well, and decorate it seasonally!

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