Things We Learn Too Late by Mel McConaghy

By Mel McConaghy

Mel McConaghyAs we travel through our lives we learn.

We learn about the changing seasons. We learn that whoever gets the most presents at Christmas, wins. And, we learn about the birds and the bees (I still can’t see what they have to do with sex). We learn that the man of the house, (normally called the father) is the boss, but only if the mother lets him be. We learn from a very young age that our big brothers and sisters can boss us around, whose position, as we get older, is taken over by teachers and the education system. Somewhere along the way, we start getting bombarded by Hollywood. I have learned that, if you want to know what has happened over the years, don’t go to a Hollywood movie production on the subject. I have watched a lot of war movies and shows, but, I don’t ever remember Canadians playing a part in the winning of World War Two in any Hollywood production. According to them all, John Wayne won the war, although he was never actually in any branch of the service.

I was always under the impression that ‘Billy the Kid’ was a misunderstood teenager, and not the psychopathic killer he was. The way it was portrayed in the Hollywood version of history, I thought ‘Pat Garret’, the sheriff, was the bad guy, picking on a poor little misunderstood Billy. I have never seen a Hollywood movie about the war of 1812 yet, and maybe it’s just as well, because we would have lost that one if I had. Now, I understand that Hollywood has released a new twisted version of history. They released a movie called ‘Argo’, that stars Ben Affleck as a CIA agent, who, through his cunning and bravery, rescues six American embassy hostages from the grasp of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution, in 1979. When, in fact, the CIA was blind to the rising threat of the Shah’s reign in Iran, and when they tried to rescue the remaining hostages in the April 1980 operation ‘Eagle Claw’, it ended in a flaming fiasco in the Iranian desert, taking the lives of eight American Commandos. Hollywood does not even wait for the people who actually remember 1979 to pass away before changing history, they do it right in front of our faces, and you can bet there are people out there who get their history from the tube and the movies, that will now consider it gospel.

Just to set history straight, it was NOT the Americans who rescued the hostages. In fact, it was the Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, and the Canadian embassy staff who rescued the six people, and then hid, fed and clothed them for three months, until they were finally able to safely smuggle them out of Iran.

Every day we learn, as we were meant to, but we have to be careful what, where, and from whom we learn. Anything that is scripted like a movie, or political speech, is scripted to sell you something, whether it is an idea, or a ticket to the movie. I can understand our southern neighbor’s need for glory and honour, but they really need to start giving credit where credit is due. Just a question, can you really believe that they did this?

My Life Through a Broken Windshield by Mel McConaghy

Mel McConaghyMel McConaghy is a retired trucker and author from Prince George, British Columbia. Mel’s tales are his views of life “through a broken windshield”. They are entertaining and humorous in a folksy style.
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