The Prince George Car Show

By Mel McConaghy

Mel McConaghyI have always been proud of Prince George, but never as proud as I was on father’s day this year at the Cruzin-Classics Show and Shine car show.

The day did not look too good for a car show when I awoke that morning, with the rain rattling down from the roof through the down spouts outside our open bedroom window, with the velocity of the water in the Fraser River, while at a full flood level.

Normally I’d find the sound relaxing, and would let it lull me back into dream land, but on that morning, it irritated me to no end. I’d just spent the better part of three days getting my old Datsun 280Z ready for the event, which is the biggest car show in our area all year. I drug my tired old butt out to the living room, and grumpily peered out between the curtains, groaning at a morning that would have been better suited for growing grass.

Prince George BC Car Show

I was just about ready to jump back into my warm cozy bed, and hibernate until it stopped raining, then thought ‘No, I won’t do it. I have never let the weather, or the threat of having to wash my own underwear, keep me from going to a car show yet. I won’t dissolve if I get wet, and I know the car won’t, so this damn rain is not going to keep me at home today.’ I got down to the park around eight in the morning. By ten o’clock, we almost had the east end of the park full of show cars, and there were more still arriving. At least eight to ten cars came up from the lower mainland, and they joined cars and trucks from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Dawson Creek, Mackenzie, and just about every other community within three hundred miles of Prince George. I don’t know how many of these chrome encrusted, shiny, brightly painted, fire breathing relics from the past were finally parked in the car show at the end, but let’s call it ‘a bunch’.

There were cars, motorcycles, SUVs and trucks, that had all been lovingly rebuilt to their original, glorious condition. There were even cars built that could accelerate as fast as a jet in a quarter of a mile. The most amazing thing was that, even though it’d pour down rain, then the sun would come out, and then it’d pour rain again, the people of Prince George came out in droves to support us. I’m of the opinion that it was a case of mass nostalgia. You could see it in the faces of fathers and grandfathers, as they’d spot a certain car, their eyes would light up. Then they told their children in tow, “Dad (or Gramps) had one, just like this one, years ago,” before proceeding to tell the kids about the beauty he once owned. I’m also of the opinion that Prince George has the greatest group of automobile enthusiasts anywhere, who I swear would even turn out for a car show in middle of December.

My Life Through a Broken Windshield by Mel McConaghy

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